Similar to our Mini-Reel program, Waldom’s Mini-Pack service offers distributors the opportunity to reduce acquisition cost and carrying cost (and valuable shelf space). Waldom currently offers thousands of Mini-Packs at competitive cost-plus prices. Supplier package sizes of thousands of pieces are broken-down and repackaged into convenient 10-pack and 100-pack sizes. Mini-Packs are ideal for end users doing pre-production or prototype builds, as well as for routine use by maintenance and repair staff. Waldom Mini-Packs are readily available from stock.

For more information about this program, please email us at or call your Regional Waldom Sales Office and ask to speak to a Program Manager.

Program Highlights

  • Convenient 10-pack and 100-pack options
  • Ideal for distributors that sell in small quantities
  • Reduced acquisition and carrying cost

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