Vanishing MOQs

As suppliers streamline manufacturing processes, the higher distributor MOQs that result can place pressure on individual channel partners. Waldom reduces the pressure on the channel with its Vanishing MOQs program. Supplier MOQs of even thousands of pieces are reduced to as little as one (1) piece, at only a nominal mark-up over standard distributor cost. Our distributors save money by purchasing only the quantity needed, reduce excess inventory, and also eliminate the need to hold POs for placement until supplier MOQ can be met. Waldom’s Vanishing MOQs is a good example of how a neutral master wholesaler helps support suppliers and distributors in their effort to rapidly deliver product in the necessary quantity and at a reasonable cost.

For more information about this program, please email us at or call your Regional Waldom Sales Office and ask to speak to a Program Manager.



Program Highlights

  • Supplier minimum order quantity (MOQ) = 1 piece
  • Nominal cost-plus markup
  • Reduce excess inventory and up-front cost

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