Omron Electronic Components is a global supplier of technologically advanced electronic components including connectors, relays, switches, MEMS flow and pressure sensors, and optical components which provide innovative solutions to a variety of applications such as: consumer electronics, appliances, computer peripherals, office automation products and telecom.

Waldom Electronics is an authorized master distributor for Omron Electronic Components. Waldom sells exclusively to distributors; Waldom never sells to OEMs or to end-users.

Omron Electronic Components Programs by Waldom:
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Omron Electronic Components Engineering Kits
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Waldom Electronics provides immediate shipment from stock on over 1,200 Omron Electronic Components part numbers. Waldom’s inventory ranges from the most popular A and B part numbers, to less-frequently stocked C and D items. Waldom offers a one-piece minimum order quantity (MOQ) on the vast majority of Omron Electronic Components part numbers at a small mark-up over distributor cost through our Vanishing MOQs program. Waldom offers pricing that provides competitive advantages to Omron Electronic Components authorized partners, as well as Omron Electronic Components extended network.

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Waldom Electronics supports all Omron New Product Introductions (NPI) through Waldom's NPI Launch program. Our NPI Launch program allows Omron authorized distributors to purchase new products in less than factory MOQ for immediate shipment, helping Omron and its authorized partners speed delivery of product to end users with minimal risk of excess inventory in the channel. Additionally, Waldom markets Omron new products around the globe to thousands of distributors with access to OEMs in electronics, electrical, industrial and specialized markets.


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Suppliers count on Waldom for a complete turn-key solution in the design, assembly, marketing and sale of engineering kits by using our Engineering Kits Now service. Waldom and Omron Electronic Components have partnered to bring to market 43 unique engineering kits. Kit types include: design, solution, application and industry. All kits are in-stock and available for purchase from any Omron Electronic Components authorized distributor.

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