Dialight Corporation is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of visual indication components, ranging from discrete LEDs to military-grade panel-mount indicators. Board-level solutions include surface-mount and through-hole discrete LEDs and CBI® Circuit Board Indicators, as well as a full-line of light pipes. Panel-mount solutions include PMI® Panel Mount Indicators optimized for industrial and high-reliability applications, as well as replacement lamps in LED, incandescent and neon light sources.

Waldom Electronics is an authorized master distributor for Dialight Corporation. Waldom sells exclusively to distributors; Waldom never sells to OEMs or to end-users.

Dialight Programs by Waldom Electronics:
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Dialight PMI® Long-Tail Program by Waldom
Dialight Engineering Kits
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Waldom Electronics stocks and provides immediate shipment on over 2,500 Dialight part numbers. Waldom’s inventory ranges from the most popular A and B part numbers, to less-frequently stocked C and D items. Waldom offers a one-piece minimum order quantity on all standard Dialight part numbers at a small mark-up over distributor cost through our Vanishing MOQs program. Waldom offers differentiated pricing between Dialight authorized and non-authorized distributors.

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The Waldom Long Tail Program extends the life of mature and end-of-life part numbers, while providing an exclusive channel where suppliers consolidate customer service and inventory through Waldom. Long-Tail part numbers are infrequently produced, have long lead-times, and are typically difficult for most distributors to stock. Dialight’s use of Waldom’s Long Tail program increases sales and market share on these part numbers, while reducing the need for Dialight to discontinue products and disrupt end-user BOMs.

Waldom is the exclusive source on over 1,000 Dialight PMI® part numbers. Waldom offers distributors off-the-shelf availability, broken-pack quantities and cost-plus pricing on these part numbers.

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Suppliers count on Waldom for a complete turn-key solution in the design, assembly, marketing and sale of engineering kits by using our Engineering Kits Now service. Waldom and Dialight have partnered to bring to market 45 unique engineering kits. Kit types include: design, solution, application and industry. All kits are in-stock and available for purchase from any Dialight authorized distributor.

To learn more about Dialight engineering kits, please visit www.dialightkits.com.
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